Nahal Botam South

Eilat Mountains


Botam_S 0.0 Main.jpg
The walls of nahal Botam South (photo by Leonid Spector)



The route quality:   **   



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

At the moment of our trip all rappelling stations were equipped somehow (bolts, rope loops) and had mailons to pull the rope. *  

But you must to have your own rope loops and metal rings to reinforce or rebuild the stations.

Pay attention: On wide U-shaped cliffs the lengths of rappels may change significantly depending on where the rappelling stations are placed and the placement of the stations sometimes changes! Always bring ropes that are longer than mentioned in the description!



Getting there:


The site is in Timna Park in 25km to the north from Eilat:


Enter into Timna Park and drive in the direction of the Timna Lake (the campsite). 500m after the junction where a side road branches to Shlomo Pillars ("Amudei Shlomo") the main road comes across a small wadi (point 1 on the map below). The trail marked with black marks starts here and here you should park your car. The black marked trail runs in the direction of Maale Bereh ascent and our route starts here.

You can park another car at the end of the route. Two options exist: to park at the Arches ("Kshatot") parking lot or to park 850m before this place (point 3). (Alternatively you can do the route as a loop returning to point 1. This option is only 1.5km longer).

Follow the black marks via Maale Bereh to the plateau above Timna. 350m climb of very steep trail involved. On the plateau go to the junction with trail marked red and turn right. Follow the red marks for 1km until the trail approaches an impressive bend of a well defined wadi (point 2).

Leave the trail and go down the wadi. After 250m you come across a dry fall about 20m high which should be bypassed on the right side. Go along the right side of the canyon for 150m and descend back into the canyon (watch rujum).



Botam_S 0.1 Approach.JPG

On the edge of the dry fall to be bypassed


Botam_S 0.2 Approach.JPG

Bypassing the dry fall





After another 150m you come to the edge of the main wall of nahal Botam South.
Allow about 2.5h for the approach.




Google - Botam_S1.JPG









Route description:



Google - Botam_S2.JPG









There are 2 dry falls to be abseiled.


The main wall of nahal Botam South with both rappels:


Botam_S 0.3 Wall.jpg









R1.  60m (15m vertical and then overhanging).

Rappelling station: two expansion bolts and the nearby boulder – all connected together by ropes with a mailon.*
The start of the rappel is pretty awkward…



Botam_S 1st fall 1.JPG

Rappelling station R1


Botam_S 1st fall 2.JPG

Rappelling station R1

Botam_S 1st fall 3.JPG

A view from the rappelling station R1





Botam_S 1st fall 4.JPG

The awkward start of the rappel R1


Botam_S 1st fall 5.JPG

Rappel R1





Descend through boulders for 30-40m to the edge of the next wall. 


R2.  70m (5-7m sloped, then 15-20m vertical and then overhanging)

Rappelling station: two expansion bolts and the nearby boulder – all connected together by ropes with a mailon.*



Botam_S 2nd fall 1.JPG

Rappelling station R2


Botam_S 2nd fall 2.JPG

Rappel R2





Botam_S 2nd fall 3.JPG

Rappel R2


Botam_S 2nd fall 4.JPG

Rappel R2




From the foot of the wall you make your way down the canyon through boulders. After about 450m (and descent of 150m...) you come to the confluence

with nahal Botan North. As for me this steep descent through boulders is more interesting than the rappels on the main wall...
After much easier walking for another 450m you join the trail marked with blue marks.
Follow marked trails to the place where you have parked your car.


Descending through boulders:


Botam_S Exit 1.JPG


Botam_S Exit 2.JPG








The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for March 2019. Try to check it before starting on your trip.