Nahal Halamish

Judean Desert


Rappelling from the 4th dry fall



The route quality:   ***   



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

The rappelling stations are equipped with bolts, most of which without hangers (“ears”). *  

Bring you own equipment (long rope loops, rings to pull the rope, “ears” etc.)


The route can be splitted into three distinct sections with convenient entrance/exit points, so you can do any version. The first section includes 1 rappel, the second – 2 rappels and the third – one more rappel. This description refers to the longest possible version which includes all 5 rappels.



Getting there:


The end of the route is at “Delek” gas station (point 4) which is on the road 90, 1300m from Tzomet Zohar junction in the Eilat direction and some vehicle should meet you here at the end of your trip.


Drive on the road 31 from Tzomet Zohar junction in Arad direction for 8.5km (or watch for “64 km” roadside mark), then park your car on the left side where a dirt road branches from road 31 and leads in south direction. This is the start point of the route (point 1).
Walk on the dirt road for 1.3 km and turn left into an inflow of nahal Halamish (point 2). Follow the shallow wadi of nahal Halamish for 1km till the first dry fall.
(Worth mentioning that this dry fall can be easily bypassed on either side as further down the wadi becomes very flat again. But if you want to avoid this rappelling it is much more logic to start immediately with the second part of the route, entering from road 31 via a dirt road marked with red marks. It leads directly to the second dry fall)











Rappelling route description:










There are 5 dry falls to be abseiled:



1.  35m (mostly vertical, last 8m - overhang).


At the moment, one “fully equipped” bolt only (suitable to pull rope through) was found and many others without “ear” are dotted everywhere around.*

We have used one of them (in a rather improvised style…) to backup the station. 



The 1st dry fall rappelling station.
Red – the only ready anchor. Blue – a bolt without hanger.


The 1st rappelling station


Rappelling from the 1st dry fall





The 1st dry fall


The 1st dry fall





There is a long but easy walk through a wide and flat wadi which brings you to the edge of the second dry fall (2.8 km till the intersection with the dirt road marked with red marks and 650m more till the dry fall).


Walking to the 2nd dry fall:









2.  35m (vertical, then 20m overhanging).


At the moment, one bolt only (suitable to pull rope through) was found on a big boulder. You need some long auxiliary rope to backup you station. *



The 2nd dry fall rappelling station


A view from the 2nd dry fall rappelling station






The 2nd dry fall


The 2nd dry fall





The next rappelling point is 250m down the canyon. Two big (5-6m high) U-shaped drops can be bypassed on the left side.

When approaching the next rappelling spot, keep left and don’t enter into the narrow main channel.



Walking to the next rappelling point (view back on the 2nd dry fall)


Approaching the 3rd rappelling station (blue arrow)






3.  15m (first 7m very gentle, then steeper)

Down climbing is possible but it is not easy. Be careful!

At the moment, there were 2 excellent bolts suitable to pull rope through.*



The 3rd dry fall rappelling station


The 3rd dry fall





20m further we came to another dry fall some 15-20m high. On the right we found a rappelling station (red arrow and red frames on the photos), but I would not recommend to use it as it looks not too much reliable. Instead you can traverse left along the edge (green arrow) and to climb down to a rocky ground. Being here cross the ground keeping right and take another short climb down just along the wall to the main channel. The forth rappelling station can be found on the right wall of the channel.    



Red arrow – to a rappelling station;
green arrow – to climb down


The not recommended rappelling station


Traversing to the left




The traverse and the first climb down


The second climb down


The 4th rappelling station




4.  21m (5-6m sloped, then 6-7m vertical to a wide ledge, then 5-6m vertical). It is possible to climb down from the ledge on the left side.

At the moment, one bolt only (suitable to pull rope through) was found on the right wall. *



The 4th dry fall rappelling station


The 4th dry fall


The 4th dry fall



From the base of this dry fall walk another 500m to the road 31 (point 3 on the map). Here you can either exit from the route or cross under the road and continue for the full joy as we did.



Coming to the road 31







After crossing the road walk down the canyon another 500m till a dry fall which should be bypassed on the right. Look for cairns. 100m long traverse along ledges will bring you to the 5th (and last) rappelling spot.



Start of the long bypass


Approaching the 5th rappelling station






5.  Max. length: 30m if measured from the natural through holes found about 6m from the edge and till the very ground.
(6m to the edge, then 7m vertical plus 7m overhang to a big rocky "pedestal", then 8-10m to the ground).

It is possible to climb down from the "pedestal" on the left side (green arrow on the 3rd photo), but we came here to rappel, is not it?..

At the moment, there was no ready for use bolts but some other options are available. We used a couple of natural through holes found about 6m from the edge as the main anchor (red frames). A reliable artificially drilled through hole can be found on the right side (blue frames). We used it to backup the main anchor. *



The 5th dry fall rappelling station


The 5th dry fall


The 5th dry fall. Green arrow mark the
possible down climb direction.



From the foot of the wall walk down the canyon for about 300m till a dry fall. Three consequent long bypasses start here: the first and the second - on the right side and the third - on the left side:



Start of the first right bypass


End of the second right bypass


Start of the left bypass



About 200m after the last bypass you will reach an inflow point of nahal Halamish into nahal Zohar. On your left rises upwards a fortress. This is Metsad Zohar - an ancient Roman building which is worth exploring for a ten minutes.
From here follow the "green" trail which runs along the bed of nahal Zoar, pass through a short narrow wonderful canyon, walk under imposing walls at the exit from the canyon, pass under the high bridge of road 90 and walk across last uninspiring flat patch to the "Delek" gas station (2.8 km from "Metsad Zohar", all the way along "green" trail).



Coming to Metsad Zohar


Descending into the canyon of nahal Zohar


Nahal Zohar





The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for January 2017. Try to check it before starting on your trip.