Nahal Amiaz

Judean Desert


Rappelling from the 1st dry fall



The route quality:   **/***   



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

Both rappelling stations are equipped with 3mm steel cable and metal rings to pull the rope. *  

Bring your own rope loops to reinforce or rebuild the stations.


Getting there:


Drive on the road number 90 along Dead Sea to the south.

Between 194 km and 193 km distance marks (just before Dead Sea Works plant) turn right to a dirt road marked with red marks ("Nahal Pratzim" direction). Follow the red marks for 4.5 km.

At a junction where the red marks turn right to "nahal Pratzim" and "Mearat a-Kemah" you should drive ahead to the dirt road marked with the black marks. Follow black marks for 1 km and you will arrive to the night camp ("hanion laila") in the nahal Amiaz river-bed. Park your car here.

From this point you can continue either on foot or by car if the current state of the road (and of your vehicle...) permits. Follow the road marked with black marks for 7.2 km and you will arrive to a place where the road gets closely to the nahal Amiaz canyon. The canyon walls are gently sloped here. At this place you should leave the road and to go down to the canyon floor. While on the floor go east along the river bed. Here the route starts.

May be there is a shorter approach but I didn't know it...











Route description:










Walking in the upper canyon is very easy as the canyon is wide here:










After 2.3 km you come to the conjunction of nahal Amiaz with some quite big side canyon and after that nahal Amiaz narrows.

Another 1 km of walking brings you to the edge of the first dry fall that requires rappelling.


There are 2 dry falls to be abseiled:


1.  60m (30m vertical and then overhanging).

At the moment of writing these words there were two bolts in the left wall connected with 3mm steel cable loop and the metal ring to pull the rope.*

There are cracks in the floor and in the left wall couple meters from the edge and they are suitable for anchoring. 



1st dry fall rappelling station


1st dry fall rappelling station


Rappelling from the 1st dry fall





The 1st dry fall


Walking to the 2nd dry fall...





At the foot of this dry fall the canyon widens drastically. Walk for 500m and you will arrive to the edge of the second (and the last...) dry fall.



2.  35m (5m vertical and then overhanging).


There is a rappelling station on some big bolder stuck on a balcony two meters below the edge. Climb to it carefully! Anchor: 3mm steel cable loop with the metal ring to pull the rope.*

There is a small spring with dense vegetation just at the foot of the waterfall. The first "canyoneer" unavoidable lands into the vegetation...

Actually 30m rope (2x30!) is enough to complete the rappelling but 35m rope allows to avoid landing into the vegetation at least for the second reppeller and others. 



2nd dry fall rappelling station


2nd dry fall rappelling station


Rappelling down from the 2nd dry fall





Rappelling down from the 2nd dry fall


The 2nd dry fall





From the foot of the dry fall you should walk 2.3 km to nahal Amiaz night camp where you parked the car.

The canyon narrows for a while and easy down climbing required at some places. No rope needed.






After that the canyon finally widens and you get to the dirt road marked with black marks.




The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for November 2010. Try to check it before starting on your trip.