Nahal a-Samra

Judean Desert


aSamra 00 Main.jpg


A view from the 5th dry fall rappelling station.



The route quality: ***



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

All rappelling stations are equipped with bolts. *

Recommended to bring spare maillons and auxiliary ropes to connect between spits in some places.

Attention: this route is not on the list of officially allowed rappelling routes. Take it into the account while making your decision.


Getting there:


Drive on the road number 90 along Dead Sea to the south.

At 275 km distance mark you will arrive to the entrance to Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve. Park here your car. Follow a marked trail (black marks) that gradually climbs to the plateau and finally riches a viewing point on the edge of the plateau. From here follow a dirt road marked with black marks for some 200 meters and turn left to a trail marked with blue marks. Walk on the trail another 300 meters until the trail will descend to a well defined canyon bed of Wadi a-Samra. The walls of the canyon are pretty steep here. Just look around to find a most convenient way to get down.

Here the rappelling trip starts.




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Route description:



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There are up to 10 dry falls to be abseiled.


Immediately after you started walking in the canyon you come across a dry fall that should be passed around from the right side and after another 100m you come to the first drop equipped for rappelling (R1) though it is possible to climb it down (what we really did).


R1. 8m, vertical, splitted into two obvious steps. Can be climbed down with some level of caution.

Anchor: one spit with maillon on the left side. *



aSamra 01st fall 1.jpg

R1 rappelling station (photo by Y.P.)


aSamra 01st fall 2.JPG

Climbing down R1


aSamra 01st fall 3.JPG

Climbing down R1



There is a long (about 700m) stretch of walking between R1 and R2 rappelling spots. First you have to negotiate a couple of short rocky steps by down climbing. Then the canyon widens and after 200-300m gets narrow again with one or two more steps which should be climbed down or bypassed.



aSamra 01st to 2nd 1.JPG


aSamra 01st to 2nd 2.jpg




Shortly after that you come to the second rappelling spot.


R2. 12m - vertical.

Anchors: two chemical bolts on the floor (one of them is flattened but still usable) and two spits in the wall on the right side. *



aSamra 02nd fall 1.jpg

R2 rappelling station


aSamra 02nd fall 2.jpg

R2 rappelling station
(photo by Y.P.)


aSamra 02nd fall 3.jpg

R2 rappelling station


aSamra 02nd fall 4.JPG

Rappel R2


The next rappel (the longest one on this route) comes 30-50m after R2.


R3. 38m sloped, then vertical.

Anchors: one spit with a maillon and one chemical bolt in the floor 2m from the edge and one separate spit closer to the edge. *



aSamra 03rd fall 1.jpg

R3 dry fall rappelling station


aSamra 03rd fall 2.jpg

R3 dry fall rappelling station





aSamra 03rd fall 3.jpg

Rappel R3


aSamra 03rd fall 4.jpg

Rappel R3


aSamra 03rd to 4th fall .jpg

A rocky step immediately after R3 to be climbed down



There is a rocky step 3-4m high immediately after R3. It can (and should) be climbed down. Then you have to walk about 150m to the next rappelling spot.


R4. 18m - vertical, starting in a narrow crack.

Anchors: two spits with maillons placed facing in the descent direction and one separate chemical bolt on the left side of the fissure (inconvenient placed in terms of direction).*



aSamra 04th fall 1.jpg

R4 rappelling station


aSamra 04th fall 2.JPG

R4 rappelling station





aSamra 04th fall 3.JPG

R4 rappelling station


aSamra 04th fall 4.JPG

Rappel R4


aSamra 04th fall 5.jpg

Rappel R4



Next 6 rappelling spots come pretty in sequence


R5. 23m - sloped

Station: two spits, one of which equipped with a maillon. They are located on the right side at a pretty exposed setting and it is essential to fix a rope in order to get to them. It can be done from another two spits placed 2-2.5m from the edge. *



aSamra 05th fall 1.JPG

R5 rappelling station


aSamra 05th fall 2.jpg

Rappel R5


aSamra 05th fall 3.jpg

Rappel R5



R6. 14m - vertical, two steps rappelled as a single.

Station: one spit with maillon on a bolder on the right side .*



aSamra 06th fall 1.jpg

R6 rappelling station


aSamra 06th fall 2.jpg

Rappel R6


aSamra 06th fall 3.jpg

Rappel R6



The next dry fall is easily bypassed on the right, but since it is already equipped with a station, its a sin not to use it.


R7. 8m - sloped.

Station: two spits, one of which with maillon, on the right side .*



aSamra 07th fall 1.jpg

R7 rappelling station


aSamra 07th fall 2.jpg

Rappel R7


aSamra 07th fall 3.jpg

A possible bypass



After R7 you will climb down some smooth but easy gutter (10-12m) and then come to the 8th rappelling station.


R8. 18m - sloped.

Station: two spits with maillons on the right side .*



aSamra 08th fall 1.jpg

R8 rappelling station


aSamra 08th fall 2.jpg

Rappel R8





R9. 6m vertical, then overhang.

Station: two spits, one of which with maillon, on the left side .*



aSamra 09th fall 1.jpg

Rappel R9





R10. 24m - sloped and vertical. There is a big ledge after one third.

Station: two spits with maillons on the left side .*



aSamra 10th fall 1.jpg

R10 rappelling station


aSamra 10th fall 2.jpg

Rappel R10





aSamra 10th fall 3.jpg

Rappel R10





The rappelling ends just few meters from the main road. Walk north for 2 km to get to the parking at Einot Tzukim.




The route quality:


***** - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

**** - Very interesting, highly recommended!

*** - Pretty nice route.

** - Inexpressive one.

* - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for November 2018. Try to check it before starting on your trip.