Nahal Hamlet

Judean Desert



Hamlet 00 Main

The 1st dry fall



“Horatio says 'tis but our fantasy,

And will not let belief take hold of him

Touching this dreaded sight, twice seen of us:

Therefore I have entreated him along

With us to watch the minutes of this night

William Shakespeare. Hamlet.




The route quality:   **/***  



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

All rappelling stations are equipped with climbing bolts but bring your own rope loops to connect between them and bring rings to pull the rope. *  



Getting there:


Drive on the road number 90 along Dead Sea to the south. 5.6 km after Mitzpe Shalem junction the road crosses the mouth of nahal Kedem. There are some hot springs nearby at the Dead Sea shore and therefore a lot of cars are parked here ordinarily. It seems to be safer to leave your car here despite the fact that the mouth of nahal Hamlet is about 1.3 km farther to the south.

After you have left one of your cars at the end of the route, continue do drive to the south to Ein Gedi National Park. Upon arriving to Ein Gedi turn right as to the National Park entrance and immediately after that take another right-hand turn to a road that leads to Ein Gedi Field School.

Park your car and cross the Field School territory aiming its left far corner. Here a trail marked with black marks starts.

Take in account a long ascent from the Field School to the main plateau (about 600m high) a pretty long walk on the plateau. Provide 3 hours for approach.



Google - Hamlet









Route description:


Follow the “black” trail, than “green” trail, then “red” trail and finally march a dirt road marked with black marks till nahal Hamlet (see map above).

There are no obvious signs in the vicinity of Hamlet bed so GPS is advisable, but if you see some dry falls just near the dirt road you are marching on for a reasonable time - it seems you are here...



Google - Hamlet1








The wadi is pretty flat here and consists of 3 or 4 channels. Take the second one that is separated from the first (and the most inviting…) by an obvious ridge. Go down till the very end and then, when possible, cross to the right into the first channel. You will find the 1st rappelling station at the edge of the channel.



Hamlet 01 approach

Approaching the 1st dry fall station









There are 5 dry falls to be abseiled:



1.  25m (10m vertical, then 15m overhang)

There are 2 bolts on the station on the left side. *

Be careful while rappelling because of loose rocks!



Hamlet 1st fall 1

The 1st dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 1st fall 2
The 1st dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 1st fall 3

Rappelling down the 1st dry fall




A short walk (70-100m) brings you to the second rappelling station.


2.  40m (sloped)

There are 4 bolts on the station on left side. *



Hamlet 2nd fall 1

The 2nd dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 2nd fall 3
The 2nd dry fall


Hamlet 2nd fall 2

The 2nd dry fall




Down climbing of a rocky step and a short walk brings you to the third rappelling station.


3.  18m (3m vertical, then overhang)

There are 3 bolts on boulders on the right side. *



Hamlet 3rd fall 1

A view from the 3rd dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 3rd fall 2
The 3rd dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 3rd fall 3

Rappelling from the 3rd dry fall
(the next rappelling station is marked)





Hamlet 3rd fall 4

The 3rd dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 3rd fall 5
The 3rd dry fall


Hamlet 3rd fall 6

The 3rd dry fall




The fourth dry fall comes right after the third one.


4.  110m (vertical and overhanging alternately with some ledges. A big 25-30m overhang at the end)


There are 4 bolts (2 pairs) on the right side of a flat bed near the edge. *

Be careful: loose rocks!

Be careful while pulling the rope: there is some probability for the rope to be stuck



Hamlet 4th fall 1

The 4th dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 4th fall 2
The 4th dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 4th fall 3

The 4th dry fall





Hamlet 4th fall 4

The 4th dry fall


Hamlet 4th fall 5
The 4th dry fall






Walk 100-150m till the fifth rappelling station. Be ready for some loose down climbing…


5.  60m (35m vertical or sloped, then 25m overhang)

There are 4 bolts on a boulder near the edge. *



Hamlet 5th fall 1

The 5th dry fall rappelling station


Hamlet 5th fall 2
The 5th dry fall


Hamlet 5th fall 3

The 5th dry fall




From the foot of the last dry fall you have to follow the canyon till the road (600m). Pretty tiresome with multiple patches of bouldering and down climbing (sometimes of loose slopes).




The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for November 2014. Try to check it before starting on your trip.