Nahal Al-Maria

Judean Desert


Rappelling down the 4th dry fall



The route quality:   **   



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

All 4 dry falls equipped with anchors (climbing bolts). *  


Getting there:


Drive on the road number 90 along Dead Sea to the south.

2.5 km before the junction to Metzukei Dragot village you will pass the mouth of the Al-Maria canyon.

The route ends at this place and you can leave here your car.

For the starting point drive to Metzukei Dragot village and park your car in the village or near the gate. 













Route description:


From Metzukei Dragot follow the dirt road going north and marked with red marks for 2 km.

Just after the point where a side trail marked green branches to the left, turn to the right into a small ravine. Here Al-Maria canyon begins.














There are 4 dry falls to be abseiled:



1.  50m - stepped, no overhangs



1st dry fall rappelling station



1st dry fall rappelling station



1st dry fall





 2.  40m - stepped, no overhangs



2nd dry fall rappelling station



2nd dry fall rappelling station









2nd dry fall



Going from 2nd dry fall to the 3rd









3.  45m - stepped, no overhangs



3rd dry fall rappelling station



3rd dry fall. The "woman" :-)



Going from 3rd dry fall to the 4th






4.  25m - vertical, no overhangs



4th dry fall rappelling station



4th dry fall








Keep right side going down after the 4th fall. Last 200m before the road follow the goat trail that goes right and down on the scree slope. 




The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for October 2009. Try to check it before starting on your trip.