Nahal Levona

Judean Desert



Levona 0.0 Main.JPG

The 2nd rappelling




The route quality: **



The route type:


Rappelling trip.

The canyon is dry all the year round but be wary about floods during winter rains.

The rappelling stations are equipped partly. Bring your own equipment to build stations on natural anchors. *

Attention: this route is not on the list of officially allowed rappelling routes. Take it into the account while making your decision.


Getting there:


Generally speaking, nahal Levona (the name is not official) is a north tributary of nahal Mor.
"Maale Mor" ascent, marked with red marks, starts from the road number 90: 6.7 km after Masada turn-off (for those coming from the north) or 7.0 km after the turn-off to Ein Bokek hotels (for those coming from the south). There is a large flat area suitable for parking just at the start of "Maale Mor".
Follow the red marks of Maale Mor that leads to the main plateau of the Judean Desert (the gain is about 250m). Once on the plateau, turn left onto the trail marked with black marks. The first wadi to be crossed by the black trail is nahal Levona. Provide 1 hour for the approach.

Leave the black trail and cut to the obvious drop leading into the canyon. Almost immediately you come to the edge of the first fall.
It seems possible to bypass it on the right side traversing long scree slope but we chose to rappel.


Levona 0.1 approach.JPG

Approaching nahal Levona









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Route description:


There are 3 rappels in this canyon

R1. 12m (vertical, 2m of an overhang, then vertical)

There are lots of cracks near the edge allowing good natural anchoring. *

As mentioned above a long bypass from the right seems possible as well.

There are loose rocks on the wall in places, be careful while rappelling.



Levona 1st fall 1.JPG

On the edge of the 1st dry fall


Levona 1st fall 2.JPG

The R1 rappelling station


Levona 1st fall 3.JPG

The R1 rappel




Levona 1st fall 4.JPG

The R1 rappel






The edge of the next dry fall is in 250m from the foot of the first rappel. The rappelling station R2 is located on a flat rocky pedestal left of the main channel.


R2. 12m (vertical)

There are two threaded sleeves with no bolts on the flat rocky pedestal mentioned above. We left a bolt with a hanger in one of them. There are many options for natural anchoring around the pedestal and in the channel, but bring enough ropes to leave. *
There are lots of loose rocks on the wall, be careful while rappelling.



Levona 2nd fall 1.JPG

Approaching the R2 rappelling station


Levona 2nd fall 2.JPG

The R2 rappelling station






Levona 2nd fall 3.JPG

The R2 rappel


Levona 2nd fall 4.JPG

The R2 rappel






450m of continuous bouldering brings you to a narrowing which ends at the next dry fall.

On the way to the third dry fall:


Levona 2nd to 3rd fall 1.jpg


Levona 2nd to 3rd fall 2.JPG


Levona 2nd to 3rd fall 3.JPG




R3. 24m (sloped)

There is one spit bolt with a carabiner placed in the left wall of the main channel. *
There are number of cracks in the vicinity of the bolt allowing natural anchoring. Use them to reinforce your station.



Levona 3rd fall 1.JPG

The R3 rappelling station


Levona 3rd fall 2.jpg

The R3 rappel


Levona 3rd fall 3.JPG

The R3 rappel




Walk down the canyon through boulders for some 370m till the place where nahal Levona inflows into nahal Mor.



Levona Exit.jpg

The confluence of nahal Mor (left) with nahal Levona (right)





Walk down the wide canyon of nahal Mor for about 1km to the main road and then back to the car.




The route quality:


***** - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

**** - Very interesting, highly recommended!

*** - Pretty nice route.

** - Inexpressive one.

* - Do it if you have nothing to do...



* Pay attention! The information is updated for January 2019. Try to check it before starting on your trip.