Nakik ha-Shahor ("The Black Gorge") in Nahal Zavitan

Golan Heights


000_MAIN_Nakik_Shahor_2nd fall



The route quality: ****


Very nice, entertaining route but too much crowded at weekends.

Beautiful pools, waterfalls and dense oleander bush that is especially colorful in the time of flowering (June - July).



The route type:


Classic canyoning. Requires crossing pools by swimming and rappelling from overhangs that ends just in the water.††

Streaming water all the year round. Be aware about floods during winter rains.

All rappelling stations equipped with anchors (Glue-in bolts).


Getting there:


Nakik ha-Shahor is the narrow basalt gorge in nahal Zavitan canyon that is a part of Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve.

Pay attention: according to the current rules of the reserve (October 2008) you must register your rappelling trip in advance by phone.


Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve.


Drive on the road number 87 east along the north shore of Kinneret lake and further to Golan Heights. After the road mark 18 km you will see on the left side the Visitor Center and the parking of Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve. Turn to the entrance.

Get to the "Information Center" for registration and instruction. After that drive to the remote car parking where the trail marked blue starts. Leave you car here and follow the blue trail to Zavitan canyon.††



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Route description:



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There are one small waterfall that can be negotiated either by rappelling or by jumping and two big waterfalls that must be rappelled:



nakik Shahor - profile







When you are down in the canyon turn to the left (down the river). Here the route starts.

Go on the more or less obvious (not marked!) trail, zigzagging in the dense vegetation and crossing the shallow stream.

Just before the first big waterfall you have to get down from a small one - 4.5m high waterfall ending in a pool. There is a rappelling station on the right site of the stream, but instead you can jump to the pool from the height of some 3-3.5m.



001_Nakik_Shahor_small fall

The small waterfall and the pools


002_Nakik_Shahor_small fall

Rappelling from the small waterfall


003_Nakik_Shahor_small fall

Jumping from the small waterfall



The big waterfall is separated from the small one by two consecutive pools that must be crossed by swimming.



004_Nakik_Shahor_small fall

The pools (a view from the rappelling station)






1st waterfall. 20m - vertical sections and overhangs alternately.

There are three rappelling stations on the edge of the waterfall from both sides of the stream. The rappelling ends from an overhang into the deep pool so be prepare to uncouple yourself from the rope while floating on the water...



005_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

The rappelling station of the first waterfall



006_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

The view from the waterfall



007_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

Rappelling from the waterfall


008_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

Rappelling from the waterfall



009_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

Wet landing...



010_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

Itís not so easy!



011_Nakik_Shahor_1st fall

The view of the first waterfall from across the pool



Just before the rappelling station of the second waterfall you come to a big pool must be crossed by swimming. Get down to the pool with assistance of metallic steps installed on the rocks (can be distinguished on the picture bellow).



012_Nakik_Shahor_2nd fall

The pool before the second waterfall






2nd waterfall.18m - easy sloping, but very slippery. Be careful!

It ends in a big and deep pool but you can uncouple from the rope standing on rocks or in waist-deep water.



014_Nakik_Shahor_2nd fall

Rappelling from the second waterfall



015_Nakik_Shahor_2nd fall

Rappelling from the second



016_Nakik_Shahor_2nd fall

Crossing the pool after the rappelling




From the end point of the route you can take a side walk to Ein Netef spring - nice refreshing spot were the water drizzles from a rocky overhang. .



017_Nakik_Shahor_Ein Netef








The route quality:


*****- The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****††† - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***††††† - Pretty nice route.

**††††††† - Inexpressive one.

*††††††††† - Do it if you have nothing to do...