Mearat ha-Keshet

Upper Galilee




Rappelling from the arch.



The route quality:   ***   



The route type:


Rappelling site at a big natural stone arch.

All anchors are reliable bolts.


Getting there:


Drive north on the road number 70 and at Hanita junction turn right to road 899. After about 3km turn left to road 8993 (Idmit direction).

Drive 2.4km on the steep winding road and park the car at the beginning of the trail marked with red marks.

Walk on the trail some 400m and you are here... The impressive hole and the arch cannot be missed.

GPS coordinate of the arch: 33º04'35.9''N;  35º11'41.3''E.



Google map - Mearat Keshet


Google - Mearat Keshet








Site description:


There is number of prearranged rappelling anchors (chemical bolts) both at the edge of the hole and on the arch itself.

The rappelling from the edge of the hole is about 30m and from the arch - 50m.












From the bottom of the hole you have to climb up on the rope or instead walk east along the cliffs on an obvious trail until you will arrive to the road. 



The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...