Huta-6 cave

Upper Galilee


Huta-6 00 Main


The stalactites of the “Main Hall”



The route quality:   **/***   



The route type:


Rappelling into a deep vertical natural shaft leading to a stalactite cave.

All anchors on the edge of the shaft are reliable Glue-in bolts. *


Very important! There is no other way to get out from the cave but to climb up the rope with jumars!

Don’t rely on prusik knots because ropes get muddy and slippery inside the cave. 



Getting there:


Drive east on the road number 85, pass Karmiel and at Rame junction turn left to road 864 (to Pkiin and Beit Jan). Drive 5.2km on the road 864 and turn right to a road leading to the druze village Beit Jan (“Bayt Jan” on Google Maps).

Immediately beyond the main gate of the village take the left branch at a road fork. From this point the road is marked with black “trail marks”. Drive till a T-junction, turn right (black and red marks) and immediately after that turn left (green marks). Follow the road marked with green marks till outskirts of the village and park your car near the last houses.

The green marks will lead you to the very proximity to the cave.

Follow a secondary road that gradually degrades and finishes of as a trail after 1.3km. Follow the trail for some 150-200m till a point where a side trail marked with “transparent” marks (two white bars with nothing between) branches left from the main green trail. Follow the “transparent” marks for some 300m and you are here…

The shaft of the cave is almost invisible till the very edge so the warning sign placed here seems to be not out of place.


GPS coordinate of the cave: 32º58'37.4''N; 35º21'12.5''E.



Google map 1 - Huta-6


Google map 2 - Huta-6







Google map 3 - Huta-6









Site description:


The rappelling station: there is number of prearranged rappelling anchors (chemical bolts) at the edge of the shaft.

The shaft is 25m deep and it ends in the “Main Hall” - a spacious underground chamber sheltering some beautiful stalactites.

The floor of the “Main Hall” is inclined and the slope is very slippery, so be careful!

To get to the stalactites keep left as you are descending through the “Main Hall”.



Huta-6 01

The shaft is almost invisible…


Huta-6 02

The main shaft


Huta-6 03

Rappelling into the main shaft





Huta-6 04

Rappelling into the main shaft


Huta-6 05

The stalactites of the “Main Hall”


Huta-6 06

The stalactites of the “Main Hall”




Instead, if you want to get to lower levels of the cave keep right as you are descending through the “Main Hall”.

You will reach some wide hole. Rappel for about 4 meters and you will get into a small intermediate chamber. Move across the chamber (4-5m) aiming the far left side where you will find another hole named “The Family Pass”. Rappel 3 meters through a narrow shaft, move across a short horizontal patch and rappel a final 10 meters into a pretty big chamber informally named “Sculpture Museum Hall” because of lots of small mud-made freaks placed in wall niches everywhere… Actually they look like shit-made…

You can build (and I would recommend it) an intermediate rappelling station on the edge of the last 10m-deep descent. At least 2.5m long rope is needed.

After enjoying delicious works of underground art most non-cavers would prefer to climb back to the daylight.


Important: Bear in mind that there are no bolts inside the cave! If you haven’t a rope long enough to get from the surface to the lower chambers you must be able to build rappelling stations on natural features. If you have a 75m rope you can rappel all the way through the cave till the “Museum” floor but even so it is highly recommended to build at least one intermediate station in order to reduce “yoyo”-effect while climbing up with jumars!



Huta-6 11

An enigmatic warning sign inside the cave: “Ascending only!”… h'm


Huta-6 12

Getting into the intermediate chamber


Huta-6 13

A shitty sculptural composition. The best one!





Huta-6 14

Jumaring” up the main shaft








For precise topo maps of the cave refer to “Sarma” web site:Пкиин-Пещера-Гута-6



The route quality:


*****  - The only one of its kind. A "must do" trip!

****    - Very interesting, highly recommended!

***      - Pretty nice route.

**        - Inexpressive one.

*          - Do it if you have nothing to do...


* Pay attention! The information is updated for October 2012. Try to check it before starting on your trip.