Snorkeling with orcas in Norway (November 2022)

96a Norway. Snorkeling with orcas (Nov. 2022).jpg




Snorkeling with whales in Sri Lanka (Apr. 2022)

90 Sri Lanka. Underwater (Apr. 2022).jpg




Diving trip to Maldives (July 2021) 

Reef dives

Other dives

81 Maldives reef dives (July 2021).JPG

82 Maldives other dives (July 2021).JPG



Diving safari in Sharm el Sheikh (Apr. 2019)

63 Diving safari in Sharm el Sheikh (Apr. 2019).JPG




Diving in Australia (Sep. 2018) 

Great Barrier Reef

SS Yongala wreck dive

62_11 Diving at Great Barrier Reef, QLD.JPG

62_15 SS Yongala dive, QLD.JPG



Diving in Ahziv, Israel (June 2018)

59A Diving in Ahziv (June 2018).JPG




Diving trip to Fiji (April 2017)

Reef dives

Wreck dives

Shark dives

39 Reef dives. Fiji (Apr. 2017).JPG

44A Wreck dives. Fiji (Apr. 2017).JPG

40 Wreck dives & shark dives. Fiji (Apr. 2017).JPG



Snorkeling in Florida, USA (Oct. 2016) 

Manatees in the Crystal River

Pennekamp Coral Reef Park

37_15 North Florida, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_18 Snorkeling in Pennekamp, Florida (Oct. 2016).JPG



Diving in Caesarea, Israel (June 2016)

37A Diving in Caesarea (June 2016).JPG




Diving in Saint-Leu, Reunion (Sep. 2013)

33A Diving on Reunion (Sep. 2013).JPG




Snorkeling on Galapagos Islands (July 2009)

19C Snorkeling on Galapagos Islands (July 2009).jpg




Diving in Dahab, Sinai (Sep. 2004)

08 Diving in Dahab (Sep. 2004).JPG