USA - 2016



South-West route

Florida route


Map - Nevada, Utah, Arizona route.jpg

Map - Florida route.jpg


Las Vegas, Nevada

Hiking in Zion NP, Utah


37_01 Las Vegas, Nevada (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_02 Hiking in Zion NP, Utah (Oct. 2016).JPG




Canyoning in Zion National Park, Utah

Pine Creek Canyon

Mystery Canyon

The Subway Canyon

Spry Canyon

48_03 Pine Creek Canyon. Zion NP, Utah (Oct. 2016).JPG

48_04 Mystery Canyon. Zion NP, Utah (Oct. 2016).JPG

48_05 The Subway Canyon. Zion NP, Utah (Oct. 2016).JPG

48_06 Spry Canyon. Zion NP, Utah (Oct. 2016).JPG



National Parks of Utah and Arizona

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Antilope Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Meteor Crater, Arizona

37_07 Bryce Canyon NP, Utah, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_08 Antilope Canyon, Arizona, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_09 Grand Canyon NP, Arizona, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_10 Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

Petrified Forest, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona

Arches, Utah

Dinosaur NM, Utah

37_11 Petrified Forest NP, Arizona, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_12 Monument Valley, Arizona, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_13 Arches NP, Utah, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_14 Dinosaur NM, Utah, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG




Orlando & Cape Canaveral

Snorkeling with manatees

Everglades NP

Pennekamp Coral Reef Park

37_15 Orlando & Cape Canaveral, Florida (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_15 North Florida, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_16 South Florida, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_18 Snorkeling in Pennekamp, Florida (Oct. 2016).JPG



New York


The city

American Museum of Natural History


37_17 New York, USA (Oct. 2016).JPG

37_18 American Museum of Natural History, New York.JPG